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Wallpapers of the week: neon signs

The new iPhone 8 and X screens have an incredible ability to highlight bright spots in imagery. Naturally, the iPhone X’s OLED screen is the best example of this capability.

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Check out your iPhone X internals with iFixit’s annual wallpapers

iFixit today shared some wallpapers designed for that edge-to-edge OLED display on iPhone X. Each year following their ritual iPhone teardown analysis, repair wizards over at iFixit post their special wallpapers that

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Wallpapers of the week: mountains

The craze of iPhone X launch day excitement is now behind us. Hopefully, you were able to get your device to activate in time to enjoy it on the same

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Wallpapers of the Week: fluid colors

As we spiral toward the iPhone X pre-order date later this week, there is no shortage of amazingly colorful wallpapers to take advantage of the new OLED 5.8″ screen. Make

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