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Science reveals the mechanism of optical illusions

Our eyes constantly read visual information, but the brain is often in a hurry with conclusions. This quality developed in us thousands of years ago, in those times when we had

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The future of washing: an ultrasonic dryer will dry the laundry in half an hour

Practice shows that many new things after the first wash “sit down” – this is largely due to the process of thermal drying. Ayouub Momen, researcher at the Oak Ridge National

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Inventor from the UK has developed wheels that allow you to travel sideways

English inventor Matthew Lydgyard laid out in YouTube video with his unique invention – wheels that allow the car to move in all directions, including a 360-degree turn in place.

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The Japanese inventor built a “killer” cannon firing water

Water is a pretty powerful thing. It can bend metal, cut even the hardest materials or crush anything. Japanese yutuber under the nickname Asp used the power of water to create a

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