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New costume will save astronauts from the harmful effects of weightlessness

At the ISS was a kind of “fashion show” with a medical bias: the astronaut of the ESA, the Dane Andreas Mogensen tested a new suit specifically designed to counter

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Scientists have learned to control the quality of gasoline with the help of bacteria

Scientists of the Kazan Federal University (KFU) have developed an original technology for controlling fuel quality with the help of the pigment of the cellular substance of Agreia family bacteria. Before

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Lockheed Martin develops a 60-kilowatt laser for combating drones

Unmanned military vehicles are becoming an increasingly numerous class of modern weapons. But if one or more of these air defense systems to cope in force, then what to do with “a flock

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A tiny 3D print medical camera can be inserted with a syringe

Penetration of special medical devices inside the body is always associated with discomfort and danger of rejection. Therefore, German scientists from the University of Stuttgart decided to find a way to

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