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Artificial Intelligence defeated the fighter pilot in a virtual battle

Artificial intelligence called ALPHA was developed by Psibernetix jointly with the US Air Force Research Laboratory. The program was specially created to surpass professional fighter pilots in a virtual duel. One

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Autopilot Telsa expect significant improvements

The head of Tesla Elon Mask last week on his Twitter page reported that the company’s specialists are working on a volumetric improvement of the software for autopilots of electric

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The incredible gigantic exobionic thing from Furrion Robotics

The platform called Prosthesis – “Prosthesis”, presented at CES 2017, claims the title of the most extraordinary robotic vehicle. Formally, this huge technological miracle-yudo is a new kind of exoskeleton, which

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It is now possible to convert your Apple ID from a third-party email address to an Apple one

Apple has made a small change to their Apple ID policy, now allowing those who previously setup their Apple ID with a third-party email to update it to an Apple

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