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Americans intend to create a supersonic submarine, using the effect of supercavitation

The idea of ​​using the effect of supercavitation for creating superfast torpedoes belongs to Soviet scientists. Its embodiment was the missile torpedo Shkval, adopted for service almost 40 years ago. Depending on

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The Russian military-industrial complex has prepared a bomb “Zagon-2” for enemy submarines

“Zagon-2” is in all respects “smart” Russian weapons, an extremely unpleasant “surprise” for all types of submarines of our potential adversaries. The so-called antisubmarine corrected bomb, which in the near future

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In Beijing, built an energy-efficient skyscraper with a facade of trapezoid modules

At first glance, the newly commissioned 55-storey high-rise building of the Greenland center of the company Skidmore, Owings & Merril does not differ much from the rest of the skyscrapers

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Robot Atlas has learned to balance on one leg

Rise of robots may be closer than we think. Robot Atlas produced by Boston Dynamics, who just recently demonstrated his ability to walk on rough terrain and endure insults from his creators, mastered

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