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Scanning QR codes in iOS 11 Camera app could take you to malicious websites

The QR code scanning feature in the stock Camera app suffers from an odd parser bug. When scanned, a specially crafted QR code may take the user to a malicious

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iOS 11 privacy bug allows Siri to read out hidden message notifications on a locked device

Brazilian outlet Mac Magazine today reported (Google Translate) on a newly-discovered privacy bug (it affects all iOS 11 versions, including the upcoming iOS 11.3 update) that allows Siri to read

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Wikipedia’s mobile app picks up iOS 11 compatibility & Smart Invert support

Wikipedia has updated its iPhone and iPad app in App Store with full iOS 11 compatibility and support for the latest iPhone and iPad devices. More importantly, the software now

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NotificationCenterXI ports the iOS 11 Notification Center experience to jailbroken devices

iOS 11 brings with it a whole host of changes, and one of the most notable right off the bat is the updated look and feel for Notification Center. Unfortunately

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